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Acupuncture and Herbal Community Clinic

We offer community acupuncture at $50 per session ($60 for the first visit).

Check our calendar to see our community clinic hours. We sometimes have special events that change our community hours. You may schedule a visit by calling our office at 610-431-2008 or you can drop in during those hours. Calling ahead will reserve a reclining chair for you, when dropping in you may have to wait.

In our community clinic we can treat many different conditions. We have protocols for helping to quit a habit or to support recovery from addiction. Others are quickly effective for conditions like dry mouth / dry eye syndromes. There are auricular (ear) acupuncture protocols for incontinence, shortness of breath, hormonal regulation and many other conditions. We practice Battlefield Acupuncture, which can be extremely effective treating pain. We can help you manage pain without exposure to addictive opioids or anti-inflammatory medicine that may damage your digestive system with long term use.

We also offer herbal consultations in our community clinic. Herbal remedies can be in pill, powder or herbal teas.

We do not offer gua sha, cupping or other manual therapies on our community clinic. We do not do documentation for insurance reimbursement in our Community Clinic, that way we can keep our administrative costs down.

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