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QiGong literally translates as training, cultivating and applying Qi. There are many forms of qigong to develop different aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. At OMoWC we teach classes for people who are recovering from and managing significant health issues and those who want to maintain good health and develop better health. Practicing Qi Gong can make a tremendous difference in your health. Its balancing effects on your body are very similar to receiving an acupuncture treatment.

Reparative Qi Gong

Repair yourself!
These classes are for those who are recovering from and managing health issues. The effects of practicing breathing, postural alignment and gentle movements can help to ease or eliminate pain, stress, and improve gastrointestinal and immune system function. Reparative qi gong exercises can be adapted to the limitation of each student, and can even be done in a chair.

Gregory DelCollo

Greg’s class is Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30 pm ongoing throughout the year. Check our online calendar for dates.

$20 per class drop in.

Margaret Sheehan

Margaret teaches Tai Chi Qi Gong. Tai Chi Qi Gong is a set of movements that helps to balance the immune system and is great for those suffering from autoimmune issues, stress, and degenerative diseases. Studies of this qigong have shown it can be helpful for those with respiratory issues too. Dates and times to be announced, so make sure you are on our e-mail list so we can let you know.


$20 per class drop in

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